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"If you’re a fan of kick ass US rock a la Skid Row, then look no further than Canada’s Famous Underground, who follow hot on their heels!"
~ Anders – Battle Helm (SWEDEN)
“Wer auf alte Skid Row steht und hier sich eine härtere Version gewünscht hat wird definitiv fündig. Rock The House heißt es hier mit Famous Underground, na denn lasst uns rocken bis der Morgen graut.”
~ Robert – Metal Underground (AUSTRIA)
"What you’re hearing on the album is what you’re going to hear live in concert. This is a monster group of heavyweights to watch."
~ Iris North – Planet Mosh (UK)
"Famous Underground is one of those present day rarities that defies being dumped in the genre box."
~ Carl Begai – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles BW&BK (GERMANY)
"Elaborate work, with tough style, proving that experience and the clear targeting of musicians always translate into great immediacy of the songs."
~ by Flight Of Pegasus (GREECE)
"Bereits mit Slik Toxik leistete Walsh Überzeugendes; mit dem Famous Underground debut legt er jedoch sein bisheriges Meisterstück ab."
~ by BB – Legacy Magazine (GERMANY)
"This is a must own album, easily a contender for Metal Album of the Year."
~ by Celtic Bob – Metal Rules (CANADA)
"They all have the right riffs crunching and metallic melodies exploding like the best that traditional metal can bring in a contemporary market."
~ Patrick Prince – Power Line Magazine (USA)
"Toronto hard rockers Famous Underground are the real deal. With flash, balls, big guitar and a real arena rock sound, Famous Underground are poised to take their self titled debut album and an upcoming concept video to the world."
~ RockStar Weekly (CANADA)
"Being the first to embrace an original band with a unique vision takes balls, because doing so is an exercise in uncertainty and fear of "What will everyone else think?" Famous Underground is that road test, you're the deer in their headlights, and the impact is a skull-rattling reminder that a stand-alone identity in the here and now overshadows past glories and current blood-sucking music industry trends."
~ Carl Begai / BW&BK (GERMANY)
"My fav's were "Mommy is a Junkie," "Dead Weight," and "On Broken Wings" seems like honest reflection. I've always liked when Nicky gets the Alice Cooper snarly thing going"
~ Gonzo Mark (106.9 The Bear - Ottawa, CANADA)
"Famous Underground's debut is packed with power-driven vocals, political angst, piercing fluidity & self-certification."
~ B. Patoine (Rock U Review - CANADA)

"Every now and again, a band comes along that grabs you by the balls and demands that you listen; perhaps you may even be able to still breathe after a sonic assault from Famous Underground." ~ Angry Todd Harley - 94 Rock WOTT (USA)

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  • New Video 'Bullet Train' New Video 'Bullet Train'
    Bullet Train Video released June 10th, 2014 Official Video for the song 'Bullet Train' from Famous Underground's self titled critically acclaimed international debut release.
  • Music for the Feature Motion Picture 'The Shade Tree Choir' Music for the Feature Motion Picture 'The Shade Tree Choir'
    Nick was recently asked to contribute a song for the David Nelson authored book 'The Shade Tree Choir' which is now being shopped for a stage play and feature motion picture.  
  • Nick lending his voice on the new Helix CD Nick lending his voice on the new Helix CD
          Famous Underground's Nicholas Walsh had the privilege of doing a guest spot on the brand new Helix CD 'Bastard of the Blues', lending his voice to the track 'Screaming at the...
  • New Gear  - Line 6 (XD-V70)
    Nick belts it out on stage using the LINE 6 XD-V70 wireless mic
  • New Gear
    Tech 21 - NYC Delivers the goods for Laurie-Anne
  • Bullet Train Video Shoot
    Video Shoot for 'Bullet Train'     On April 5th, Famous Underground shot their new video 'Bullet Train' at Coll...
  • BW&BK Interview
    Famous Underground "Revolver Roulette" By Carl Begai For close to a decade vocalist Nick Walsh and bassist Laurie-Ann...
  • Live Webcast on ImageFM
    Live Webcast on F.U. performed a few songs and interview with announcer Astrid Young...
  • In Germany
    We decided to go to Germany for several reasons, mainly business but we also had the opportunity to travel all through the...