Puget Consumers Co-Op

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  1. Like a child, he has to be dressed up to protect his skin in warm weather and against the cold in winter.

  2. [For more information on reliable recall, go to moderndogmagazine.com/distract-me.]5.

  3. When we ate, he would sit pressed against my calves under the table, poised to catch anything that accidentally flew off a plate.

  4. Accordingto the Humane Society of the United States, an unwanted shelterpet is euthanized about every eight seconds.Why do shelter dogs get returned?

  5. In general, puppies and kittens need higher protein and fat than older dogs and cats.

  6. Scooby submitted by April S.3) CloverClover has the perfect St. Patrick’s Day name because her birthday is on March 17th!

  7. Luckily the solution to your problem is ano-brainer.

  8. When you adopt, you not only savea life, but you end up with an amazing friend.