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  •   New Single 'Corrupted' Rating: 5.0/5 Reviewer: Celtic Bob from METAL RULES Canadian Metal band, Read More
  •   Famous Undergrounds Digital 45 Famous Underground is excited to officially announce the release of Read More
  •   Trish Cassling from "The Reviews Are In" sits down with Nick Walsh to see Read More
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The Dark One of Two

  • New Gear
    Tech 21 - NYC Delivers the goods for Laurie-Anne This little box was probably one of the most anticipated...
  • New Gear  - Line 6 (XD-V70)
    Nick belts it out on stage using the LINE 6 XD-V70 wireless mic
    Over the years I've used several...
  • Bullet Train Video Shoot
    Official Video for the song 'Bullet Train' from Famous Underground's self titled critically acclaimed...
  • BW&BK Interview
    Famous Underground "Revolver Roulette" By Carl Begai For close to a decade vocalist Nick Walsh and...
  • In Germany
    We decided to go to Germany for several reasons, mainly business but we also had the opportunity to...
  • Live Webcast on ImageFM
    Live Webcast on F.U. performed a few songs and interview with announcer...