Metal Rules (CANADA)

"This is a must own album, easily a contender for Metal Album of the Year."
~ by Celtic Bob - Metal Rules (CANADA)

In My Reflection

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The Buzz

Dropout (Canada)

"In My Reflection is an awesome album, and it brought back the feelings of when I was much younger and first started listening to thrash and heavier rock. It’s got that epic energy, grit and wit to get your head banging, while making sure not to miss the next lyric in the plot. Filled with aggressive...

94 Rock (USA)

"Every now and again, a band comes along that grabs you by the balls and demands that you listen; perhaps you may even be able to still breathe after a sonic assault from Famous Underground." ~ Angry Todd Harley - 94 Rock WOTT (USA)

Rock U Review (CANADA)

"Famous Underground's debut is packed with power-driven vocals, political angst, piercing fluidity & self-certification."
~ B. Patoine (Rock U Review - CANADA)

106.9 The Bear (CANADA)

"My fav's were "Mommy is a Junkie," "Dead Weight," and "On Broken Wings" seems like honest reflection. I've always liked when Nicky gets the Alice Cooper snarly thing going"
~ Gonzo Mark (106.9 The Bear - Ottawa, CANADA)


"Being the first to embrace an original band with a unique vision takes balls, because doing so is an exercise in uncertainty and fear of "What will everyone else think?" Famous Underground is that road test, you're the deer in their headlights, and the impact is a skull-rattling reminder that a stand-alone...

RockStar Weekly (CANADA)

"Toronto hard rockers Famous Underground are the real deal. With flash, balls, big guitar and a real arena rock sound, Famous Underground are poised to take their self titled debut album and an upcoming concept video to the world."
~ RockStar Weekly (CANADA)

Power Line Magazine (USA)

"They all have the right riffs crunching and metallic melodies exploding like the best that traditional metal can bring in a contemporary market."
~ Patrick Prince - Power Line Magazine (USA)

Metal Rules (CANADA)

"This is a must own album, easily a contender for Metal Album of the Year."
~ by Celtic Bob - Metal Rules (CANADA)

Flight Of Pegasus (GREECE)

"Elaborate work, with tough style, proving that experience and the clear targeting of musicians always translate into great immediacy of the songs."
~ by Flight Of Pegasus (GREECE)
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