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Best of 2013 - Celtic Bob

2013 was one of the best years for music. Some fantastic new artists hit the scene and we lost lost some at the same time. We were hit with a few surprise releases and comebacks plus some just reinvented themselves. This was the hardest year yet to choose a Top 10. There were some borderline artists that put out terrific albums but were they Metal enough for Metal-Rules or do they belong on Lets Get Rocked? Either way, here is my list of favorite’s from this past year.

1. Motorhead – Aftershock

2. Black Sabbath – 13

3. Beasto Blanco – Live Fast, Die Loud

4. Famous Underground

5. KiLLeR DWaRfS – Start @ One

6. Kadavar – Abra Kadavar

7. Orchid – The Mouths Of Madness

8. Scorpion Child

9. Oliva – Raise The Curtain

10. Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood

11. Annihilator – Feast

12. Queensryche

13. Voodoo Highway – Showdown

14. Lord – Digital Lies

15.  Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side Of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 2

16.  Voodoo Circle – More Than One Way Home

17. Michael Schenker – Bridge The Gap

 18. Flotsam & Jetsam – Ugly Noise

19. Krokus – Dirty Dynamite

20. Ghost B.C. – Infestissunam


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