Corrupted Review by Metal Rules

New Single 'Corrupted'
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob from METAL RULES

Canadian Metal band, Famous Underground just released a new digital 45 to hold us fans over until the full album later in the year. Famous Underground is led by former Slik Toxik singer, Nick Walsh who is one of the Country's greatest vocalists. His distinct vocals have permanently marked his place in the Canadian Music history books. After listening to "Corrupted", you will know why.

"Corrupted" 100% Pure Metal. FULL STOP

There is no other way to describe this song. It is the quintessential Heavy Metal song. It has a classic feel to it, yet fresh and modern. It's Metal for the ages. The drums and bass are really up there in the mix making it really pound you in the chest when cranked up to 11, and you will within seconds of putting the track on and banging your head instantaneously. Nick's vocals are perfect as he goes from angry and pissed off to his signature high pitched scream. The attitude of his vocals get the point of the lyrics across perfectly.

The "B-Side" to this digital 45 is a mashup of Megadeth's "Peace Sells" with Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up". Sounds a bit strange but it works and yet, fittingly ties in nicely with the "Corrupt"ion theme. As we all know, the original begins with heavy bass which is prominent in this recording. Nick still sounds angry and pissed off, as he should because this isn't your happy go lucky song, until "Get Up, Stand Up" kicks in then he's in full Reggae mode. His vocals really suit this which took me aback a little as I couldn't imagine Nick singing a Marley song but it works. It has that Summer sunshine vibe going on then all of a sudden he does a flawless "Can you put a price on peace?" and we're back in "deth" mode.

If this is a sampling of what's to come later in the year with a full album from Famous Underground then count me in for a copy. This is one killer digital 45. My only complaint is that there is no physical copy available. This would make a perfect "Real 45" to spin on the turntable. Who knows? Maybe the Summer they will do it? Anyhow, this is an amazing track that you need to get. Check it out on all the regular outlets and purchase it from iTunes (or wherever). You will not be disappointed.

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