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Interview by Carl Begai of Bravewords

Vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Nick Walsh made a name for himself at the start of the '90s with Toronto-based rockers Slik Toxik, the band enjoying popularity across Canada and some all-important (at the time) touring exposure in the US based on the strength of their 1992 full-length debut, Doin' The Nasty. The band took a beating when they released their second record in 1994, however - the ironically titled Irrelevant - as their trademark hard rock sound was stifled by the rise of grunge. Slik Toxik eventually faded from the scene but Walsh continued to write and record undeterred, launching Revolver in the early 2000's with bassist Laurie-Anne Green, which evolved into their present day passion, Famous Underground. And although nothing was written in stone at the time of the band's self-titled debut release in 2011, nobody imagined it would take 10 years for a follow-up, including the band. In My Reflection is the first of a series of planned EPs, picking up exactly where the debut record left off. If you're a fan it's worth the wait. If you're unfamiliar with Walsh's post-Slik Toxik work, don't expect to hear "Big Fuckin' Deal", "Helluvatime" or "White Lies, Black Truth" 2.0.

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In My Reflection