Famous Underground’s latest EP, In My Reflection, recently came out, and we have gotten a chance to give it a listen for review purposes. Led by former Slik Toxik vocalist Nick Walsh and bassist Laurie-Anne Green, the heavy metal band leans “upon a veritable number of classic influences from the world of hard rock and heavy metal,” according to Famous Underground’s biography page on their official website. At any rate, here is what we think of their latest EP, In My Reflection!

“The Dark One of Two,” the leading track in this EP, is heavy, filled with some pretty satisfying electric guitar licks, and headed by frontman Nick Walsh’s powerful vocals with poignant lyrics. All the while, a few places have some remarkable spoken-word asides that tie the track together in a way that is strong and strangely comforting. The track ends with a sophisticated, if short, synthesizer outro.

“Corrupted,” track two in Famous Underground’s album, continues the band’s trend of strong, meaningful lyrics befitting the hard rock they are performing. The drums in this piece are most powerful just over halfway into this song and serve to drive the track, nearly as if it were a train on rails of sound, from lyric to lyric, smoothly and without issue.

“Until The End” is the third track in the EP. It begins relatively subdued compared to the previous two tracks, with the instrumentation giving a steady, if maybe a bit slow, tempo. The vocals come in and maintain the pace that has been established. This song seems to act as a reprieve from the faster tempos of the previous two songs in the EP. However, that is no reason to believe this track is any less heavy than the earlier two – in fact; it’s quite the opposite. There’s a distinct weight to this song that gives its instrumentation a certain sincerity, and we can absolutely respect that.

“Ultra Mega,” Famous Underground’s fourth track in the In My Reflection EP, picks up the pace where “Corrupted” left off. The guitar in this song feels quite like a mid-boss in a video game, and Walsh’s vocals seem to support the guitar riffs rather than vice-versa. This is not a bad thing at all. Walsh’s rasping vocals give something more to the musicality of the metallic instrumentation instead of the instruments augmenting the vocals for a change. Neat!

“Like An Animal,” the final track on this EP, ends the album with something that, again, keeps the weight of its genre but also maintains a sophistication in its poignant words and strong, yet somehow brighter, musicality. There is a resolution and confidence in Walsh’s vocals that emotes just the way the words seem to want him to.

Our verdict is that “Corrupted” is our pick for the favorite in this EP, but in all seriousness, all of the tracks are quite powerful in the end. If you wish to listen to Famous Underground’s newest album, you can find In My Reflection on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. In the meantime, we have linked “Corrupted” in the YouTube video from Famous Underground’s page below for your listening pleasure.

Review by Joshua Nelson of Bleeding Cool