The New Release 'In My Reflection' Available Now!

The New EP 'In My Reflection' Just Released!


'In My Reflection' features the tracks: 

The Dark One Of Two


Until The End

Ultra Mega

Like An Animal


'In My Reflection' is available on all major digital platforms. 


"Corrupted - 100% Pure Metal. FULL STOP. There is no other way to describe this song. It is the quintessential Heavy Metal song. It has a classic feel to it, yet fresh and modern. It's Metal for the ages. The drums and bass are really up there in the mix making it really pound you in the chest when cranked up to 11, and you will within seconds of putting the track on and banging your head instantaneously. Nick's vocals are perfect as he goes from angry and pissed off to his signature high pitched scream. The attitude of his vocals get the point of the lyrics across perfectly." ~ Celtic Bob from METAL RULES


Check out the official video for the lead off single  'The Dark One of Two


In putting this video together we had to be rather resourceful. We managed to pool the live portions from some fan footage that was collected from our last show pre-pandemic. 


In My Reflection