Famous Underground have just released a new 5 song EP entitled “In My Reflection” and if you’re a fan of old school metal, this is going to make the fact that the weekend is right around the corner that much more exciting. For more than a decade, the members of Famous Underground – Nick Walsh and Laurie-Anne Green – have consistently, but unsurprisingly, shunned musical trends in favour of holding the metallic hard rock torch high. And with the group’s latest release, a 5-song EP, the torch burns brightly.

It’s an awesome album, and it brought back the feelings of when I was much younger and first started listening to thrash and heavier rock. It’s got that epic energy, grit and wit to get your head banging, while making sure not to miss the next lyric in the plot. Filled with aggressive riffs, crunchy guitars, ripping solos, and powerful and at times soaring vocals, each song on the album puts a fresh spin on a classic sound that I know many hard rock fans will be excited to hear. A great example is the single and music video for The Dark One of Two.

Review by Jesse Read of DROPOUT